There are 5 stages that customers go through before placing an order. One of the most important things in digital marketing is well understanding what your target customers really want to know and their need, then providing whatever they are looking for and helping them to solve all the problems they are facing. Meanwhile, you also need to know when and where you able to present your services or products to them as well. Through this article, we will share the general attitude or behavior of targeting customers and how to use the right keywords according to the circumstances. So, before getting into the main point, you have to know clearly about the activities, hobbies of social media users by researching on the internet as the main direction to identify in marketing. Today, we going to pick five main stages to share about the attitude or action of targeting customers such as:

Customer Journey Stage #1

Finding traction channel that can bring your services, products, and brand to your target audience.

Customer Journey Stage #2

Well-Understanding our customer’s needed and problems, then we show them our strength that our services handle to solve their problems and meet the needs that make them curious about our brand.

Customer Journey Stage #3

The stage that they are knowing well their needs and are looking for a product or service to make a decision. This is the best time to show off your product or service in need.

Customer Journey Stage #4

The stage that our customer decides to buy our product or service. You should make a good relationship or connection with the customer to make them more trustworthy and loyal.

Customer Journey Stage #5

The stage of accepting all the good and bad feedback or comments from the customer. It is a great opportunity that you can explore your weakness to further enhance the quality of the product or service. Marketing represents the use of word of mouth marketing strategies to engage customers at each stage in order to get out target customers for products and services. You must know which stage that your customers really interested in or needed. So, you able to use the word of mouth strategy for solving their misunderstanding and add more to their benefit.


The article below is an example and it will help you to understand more about client processes in the real work section. Dara is a teenage boy at the age of 15 who has a passion for football. The interesting journey of Dara before he decides to buy a pair of football boots begins. One day, Dara was watching a sports video through a YouTube channel. At that time, he accidentally saw short advertising of a new model of Adidas football boots. Dara did not need a new one but that advertising was really fascinating that bring Dara to know about the famous brand of sports product called “Adidas”. A few weeks later, Dara saw another advertising video from Adidas on Facebook showing off a new model of boots with a good balance function. Although Dara still did not need a new one, the video caught his attention and make him click the link to see more information on the Adidas website. Now Dara is interested in a week after Dara saw more promoting about the boots. He really likes this boot then he considers that his old one is quite difficult to use base on he used it for a long time already. He thought that he really needs a new one. Now Dara is in need, then one day he walks through to Adidas Shop in town and he saw the boots displayed on the big banners. Dara decided to go to the shop and buy a pair of boots. Now he is in the action stage that makes him really excited about his product. He took a picture of his football feet and posted it on Instagram with the caption “New Boots” and add a hashtag #AdidasWonderful!”. That meant Dara turned to be an expressionist.


By understanding the customer journey, you able to deliver the message at the right time. Once you know clear about customer decision-making, it is easier to do successful marketing that will help your customers to reach their purpose. Also, help to choose the right channel for your customer to deliver your marketing. In short, understanding customer processes is the main key to creating a successful marketing strategy.