Do you want to support your friend’s business without breaking the bank? From following them on social media to sharing, commenting and liking their posts, there are some ways to promote a business without spending money. As a professional digital marketing agency, we have listed together some of the best ways to support a business.

Follow on social media

If you are looking to support a small business without any expense, follow them on social media. It won’t cost you even a single penny to follow a business on social media. Because of the extensive reach, social media is becoming a very powerful marketing tool. When you follow a business on social media, it helps them connect to a wider audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are the most popular social media platforms.

Like Posts

Do you wonder how liking posts can support a business? When you like the post, it reaches the newsfeed of people who may not follow the page. As a result, your friend’s business can gain more followers with your single like. Most importantly, it enables them to see the best content. The content will also appear in your newsfeed so you can keep up to date with the latest offers and deals.

Share Posts

You can help a small business seem more legitimate and reputable by sharing its posts on social media. When you share a post, other social media users can see what you have shared. As a result, it can give new followers to the company and that’s too without spending any money.

Comment on their posts

Sometimes, even an emoji can do wonders for a small business. When you comment on a post, it gets appeared in other people’s newsfeeds. It provides an opportunity for the business to promote its product and service by reaching a wider audience on social media. If you want to support your friend’s business, all you need is to comment on the posts. With the right social media management strategy, it can help the business grow its network.

Post photos of their products

Looking for the best ways to support a business without spending money? All you have to do is take photos of their products and tag the company in your posts. By doing this, the company will seem legitimate and reliable. When other people see you using a product, they will tend to buy the products as well. It is all about trust that you can build between a small business and the customers. If your friend’s e-commerce business in Cambodia has a limited budget, you can help spread the word by following the above five ways on social media. The best part is that it wouldn’t cost you any money. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more essential to support a small business in the best possible way. Your little step can make a huge difference for your friend’s business. All you have to follow the above simple ways.