Colowi ChatBot


How does it work?

We can provide you with your very of Colowi bot for Facebook Messenger or your live website that will work to interact with your customers when you are otherwise occupied.

Our Colowi bot integration can be used on a wide range of different sites, including your google sheets, telegram, and Amazon Web Services. This ensures that you are always able to interact with your customer base. Our chatbot is also the perfect solution for a wide array of business sites. These sites include but are not exclusive to coffee shops, any online stores, banks, insurance sites, as well as hotels and restaurants.

Use case

3 main benefits to Facebook business owners 

1. Create a Facebook Page and Business Manager
2. Optimization campaigns objective before advertise 
3. COLOWI BO helps your business grow with the creation of Smart Flow to attract customers with a greeting message
✅90% of your customers continue to support products and services
✅Remarketing: Promotions based on customer type
✅Automated Orders
✅Integrate with Telegram


Colowi bot for attendance system

Contactless Attendance System, We make it simple and easy to capture staff attendance.
The benefit of Contactless Attendance System៖
Scan attendance anywhere inside the working environment.
Easy to integrate with another system
Simple and easy to customize
Make announcement 
Increase employee productivity 


Colowi bot for membership system

Colowi bot makes membership system easier and user friendly for your customer.
The benefit of membership system:

👉 Customer retention
👉 Increase new customer retention
👉 Offer special discount and gift for loyalty customer
👉 Customer information management
👉 Simple and easy to use, no need to install a third-party app
👉 Recall customer … and more

Colowi BOT For Telegram

👉 Automatically welcome new users
👉 Send them content
👉 Highlight products
👉 Schedule messages
👉 Respond to specific keywords
👉 For brand awareness
👉 Create Channel (customer can send every day)
👉 Auto broadcasting 
👉 Integrate Telegram Channel and Telegram Bot
👉 Diagram template and flow
👉 Main Menu display
👉 Audience monthly report

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Innovation Technology
This innovative style of marketing is a perfect way to get ahead of your competitors, providing you with the unique selling point that you need to increase conversions and drive sales.

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Chatbot represent a new trend in how people access information, make decision, and communicate.

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