In the past, starting a business was extremely difficult. Without the financial capital, business connections, and time needed to start a business, your chances of success were extremely minor. However, with the growing impact of social media platforms and in particular, Businesses on Facebook now have the opportunity to start a new business with no capital at all. All they need is an idea and the motivation to promote their idea to potential customers. So, what are the benefits of starting a business on Facebook?

Facebook Is A Very Low-Cost Marketing Strategy

On Facebook, you can create a marketing campaign for as little as $5. Through any other channel, this would cost thousands just to get your name on a billboard. This makes it the perfect place to start for small to medium-sized businesses. With a limited marketing budget, businesses have the opportunity to reach audiences around the globe.

Business on Facebook provide Excellent Customer Support

If you want to conduct any form of digital marketing in Cambodia, you are likely going to have many questions from your potential customers. Facebook is a great place to address these questions. Your customers can message you directly, or post on your wall allowing your team to answer them directly. Rather than having to wait on hold during a phone call, your customers can then read common questions and get fast answers without your team having to repeat themselves.

You’re Not Limited to Your Local Audience

By using Facebook, you unlock a huge scope of potential customers. You can advertise to any location around the globe, allowing you to pinpoint who sees your marketing campaign and when they see the campaign. This allows you to enter new markets and test your product in a range of locations in order to find the one where you make the highest level of profit.